Oct 25, 2010

Second beta results are in!

Today I had my second beta drawn at 18dpIUI. It was 279. A normal doubling time is every 48 hours and since 4 days ago it was 42, on target would have been 168. I think that we're actually doing pretty well so far! I am starting to let myself imagine what being pregnant and having a baby might actually be like. I guess you could say I am feeling more cautiously optimistic now, but still terrified. Again, each passing day feels like a new milestone. I am so filled with gratitude every morning.

Next week we have an appointment with our RE, Prof. L. I am also hoping we will soon get our first peek of Baby G by u/s in the next couple of weeks. When I had my last u/s 4 days ago, the technician told me that once my beta level reaches 1000, we should be able to see something. So cool. Since we had a lot of follicles, I am also extremely anxious to see whether there is more than one baby in there (that would be Babies G!).

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