Jan 23, 2012

a long overdue update

Oh my, I am so far behind! Time to get this thing updated and then try to update at least weekly. I have wanted to write for a while now, but it seems so daunting because I am so far behind. I guess I will back-track to more or less where I left off.

Between weeks 10-12 my morning sickness really spiraled out of control. I suppose during those 2 weeks I really had an alibi not to update the blog because most days I was so sick and miserable. I was on Zofran for a little over a month, and at first it seemed like a really good drug for me, but eventually, I started to get terrible headaches from it and I was still vomiting and dry heaving all day long.

I spent a lot of time at home, lying around in bed and feeling miserable for those 2 weeks. Y gave me IV fluids 3-4 times a week (basically on the days I couldn't keep anything down) and that did help a lot. I felt very fortunate that I could receive fluids from the comfort of our bed and that Y could more or less manage my dehydration. I think I probably would have ended up hospitalized if I didn't have my own live-in doctor, so I feel really grateful for that:)

Now I am taking Benadryl instead of the Zofran and I am doing a lot better, probably by virtue of just being out of the first trimester - still often vomiting a few times in the morning but functioning beyond that. Of course after reading Dr. Luke's book (which is often considered the bible of pregnancy with multiples), Y and I are both worried about my lack of weight gain, especially since I am starting off on the smaller side.

I really hope the eating will get easier over the next month and I will begin to pack on the pounds. Y bought 2 cases of Ensure and I am trying to have 2 cans of that a day since it is very nutritionally dense, though I am generally falling short of that goal. I really hope I can step it up.

Aside from the morning sickness, my pregnancy has been thankfully pretty uneventful over the past month (no more bleeding, knock on wood). I did have a few days of pretty intense cramping during my 11th week that made anxious. It felt way too much like menstrual cramps for my comfort. I went in for an ultrasound and also saw the OB who was on duty for urgent issues. He said that based on the location of my fibroids and the location of my pain, he thought that perhaps the cramping was from my fibroids growing and/or degenerating.

The cramping has returned a few times and it always makes me nervous, though it is unclear to me whether it is actually the fibroids, growing pains, or something else entirely. It was still a huge relief to see that the babes were doing well and thriving at the ultrasound.

Last Monday we went in for our NT scan. It was great in that the nuchal fold measurement for both babies was 1.3 mm, which gives us a very low risk of Down's. That was really the most important part.

It was a little disappointing because they used a dinosaur ultrasound machine with very poor resolution and the scan was done transvaginally (thought those days were over!) by a crochety old guy who was really rough. He gave us a few images, though it's unclear exactly what the point was since the images were just a nonspecific blur, literally.

As I already wrote, the most important thing was that the nuchal fold measurements were great and both babies are looking good and measuring appropriately. Speaking of which, while I am finding many things to worry about, I am finally no longer obsessed with vanishing twin syndrome, so that feels like a pretty big milestone to me! I am now finally accepting that this is a *real* twin pregnancy...pretty wild.

Earlier this week, we had our last appointment with our RE. I know most people have long since graduated from a RE by 13w2d, but the way they do it here is that you can continue to see your RE (instead of an OB) until the end of 1st tri. It was definitely bittersweet - it definitely feels like a big milestone to be moving on from the RE and becoming a "regular" pregnant woman, though I felt like Dr. T. really went above and beyond and I give him a lot of credit for our ability to reach this point.

On Wednesday, I have my first MFM appointment. I am feeling pretty nervous about that and I am hoping that I like the doctor and that we click. I really hope that Y will be able to come along, though it seems like his schedule might not allow him to join me. I also have a hematology appointment next week and I hope that goes well, too.

Today, the home doppler that I ordered arrived. Y was able to locate both babies' heartbeats within 5 minutes, which was really cool (though initially he just found mine). I remember how a month ago both babies were right at my pubic bone - now they have migrated up to under my belly button! I am also really showing now, which definitely makes the pregnancy feel more real. I am really excited to feel them kick, though.

Our RE told us yesterday about the early detailed scan that we can do during weeks 15 or 16. Here in Israel, it is apparently common to do 2 anatomy scans - one early one between weeks 15-16 and a later one between weeks 20-22. The first one is done at private ultrasound clinics and partially covered by insurance. It is not deemed medically essential but it is obviously a nice opportunity to see the babies and begin to identify any potential anatomical problems. Also, as an added bonus, gender can usually be determined. The later scan, which is the traditional anatomy scan, is totally covered by insurance and the one that is deemed medically necessary.

Anyhow, like most anxious parents, we thought the early scan sounded pretty good. Unfortunately, it seems we don't know the system well enough and today was already too late to book the scan. We are now on a waiting list, but it's a bummer we might not get to do the scan at all.

My last big piece of news is that Y got a fellowship in Canada in his desired surgical sub-specialty. In short, it means we will be crazy enough to attempt to move from Israel to Canada in early April when I am 24 weeks. That is the tentative plan, anyway, obviously everything could change dramatically if I end up on bed rest and/or have significant complications before then. I am hoping to discuss the logistics of the move with the MFM at my appointment on Wednesday to make sure our expectations are realistic.

I really can't imagine moving beyond 24 weeks, and even then, it is pretty clear to both of us that my only physical participation in the move will be getting on the plane! I am really proud of Y he got the fellowship, and if everything works out well, it will be great to be close to our families during the babies' first year. Well, I think that is more or less all the news that is fit for print. I will close with a few pictures from our ultrasound 2 weeks ago (11w4d):



  1. I'm so glad things are going well and you were feeling food enough to update. I really hope your move works out!

  2. Happy to hear things are going well with your babies. I hope the morning sickness passes soon. Thanks for sharing the scan photos.

  3. Crazy crazy stuff. So glad that it is all good news!

  4. I am so happy you and the babies are doing well! I love the pics! Congrats to the Hubby and good luck with the move!

  5. I hope your first MFM appointment goes well today! I'm so sorry that you have been SO sick!!! I hope it passes soon.

    Even Dr. Luke recognizes that sometimes you just can't gain in the first trimester! Hope things get easier. Sometimes it really is hard to shove all that food down your throat -- even when you're not puking up your guts. I keep reminding myself why I'm doing it but it is definitely tough to eat just one more thing.

    Yay for the Doppler and a medical hubby to use it correctly! :)

    Good luck with the move at 24 weeks! Sounds like a good opportunity but definitely not an easy one.

  6. Wow, congrats on your twin-pregnancy. That's fantastic! being sick is no fun but I hope it will get better for each week now.