Oct 7, 2012

the worst thing that could happen

Funny story: We met a couple at my in-laws' synagogue today who had lived in Israel for a while. Their 4th child was born in Israel at Hospital X. The wife was saying to us that having a baby in Israel was difficult and that Hospital X was a bad experience for her. 

She detailed her list of complaints (I do not judge them at all, but suffice it to say her and her child are both happy & healthy today). Y and I were both smiling and nodding when she exclaimed "Omg! I hope I didn't just scare you from having a baby at Hospital X!" Once she walked away, we couldn't stop laughing. Needless to say we didn't mention our twins born there.


  1. I have no words. Other than "wow." Many, many hugs

  2. Oh my ... if only she knew. If only she knew.