Nov 12, 2010

7 week update

The spotting seems to have stopped and I still feel pregnant, so now we are just hoping and praying for the best. Today I am 7 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Baby G is now the size of a blueberry (about half an inch long -- twice the size of last week!). Baby G is growing hands and feet. The only thing shrinking is Baby G's tail -- yup, embryos have a tail, which is an extension of the tailbone and decreases in size until it disappears. Baby G's brain is growing and its liver is making red blood cells. Baby G is now connected to me through an umbilical cord. I am sending lots of good vibes to our blueberry for lots of continued growth!

Here is a bump pic from yesterday at 7w0d. So far, I think the only thing increasing in size are my breasts (anything else is just bloat), but it will be fun to chronicle the progression to a real bump.

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