Aug 18, 2011


I know I have been pretty quiet lately. Not a whole lot going on. I went in for my lining check on Monday and my lining was 9.2, which is great. I am now just about in the middle of my cycle and I had noticed over the past few days that I was getting pretty severe cramping after running, like bad menstrual cramps. Sure enough, when I went running on Tuesday, not only did I get really bad cramps but I also started bleeding bright red, like I'm in the middle of my period. Luckily, it became just spotting by the next day. I called the clinic and spoke to one of the nurses who accused me of skipping estrogen pills (absolutely not the case) and told me to just come in next week for my next lining check as originally planned.

Hopefully bright red bleeding and cramping is common and not a problem while on estrogen for a FET, otherwise I might be in trouble. Since the nurse seemed unconcerned, Y said I should be unconcerned, too, but I don't know - it just seems...odd. I guess it's probably just breakthrough bleeding or something.

Dr. Google made me a little anxious (haha, when doesn't it?) because apparently cramping/bleeding after running is quite common in endometriosis because running can irritate endometrial implants and cause them to bleed. I also remembered that when I was younger and running competitively, I would have bright red bleeding and cramping after running at totally random times of my cycle, but I never really gave it much thought other than thinking it was a little weird. I didn't run yesterday, so it will be an experiment to see what happens after my run tonight, I guess.

In other uneventful news, my 2nd opinion appointment got cancelled, so I guess that's not right on the horizon anymore. I am meeting with the new acupuncturist on Sunday. I really hope she can help me at least feel a little bit more positive and relaxed. I am trying to think of new ways to distract myself from IF, so I am looking into signing up for an evening painting class at the local art museum this fall. I used to love to paint and I think it might help me to get back in touch with my creative/artistic side.

Also, after heavily procrastinating on signing up for any road races (due to my inexplicable and illogical belief that I could at any point become pregnant), I signed up for a 10K at the beginning of November, so I am pretty excited for that and hoping that cycling won't interfere (realistically, assuming this FET doesn't work and with our trip and the holidays coming up in Israel, I don't think we'd be doing another fresh cycle until November and I am okay with that).


  1. One of the most frustrating things I have to deal with in all this IF business is the fact that I don't know what to do about exercise and races and things-athletic. The doc says not to exercise "a lot" and when I ask what that means, I feel like I get a different answer everytime. The best is when the nurse says, "Well, you know your body."

    UM, NO I DO NOT. If I knew my body, I'd know why it never wants to get knocked up, thankyouverymuch. :)

    So I also did not sign up for any races because I am vastly confused by all the conflicting information. I keep telling myself that I'll know by Sept 1 if this FET worked and if it doesn't, I'm signing up for a November half marathon somewhere. Even though I've never run more than 6 miles at once. (eep)

  2. Have you been checked for endo? I think it's something to bring up at your second opinion appt - whenever that happens. I've learned the hard way that there's nothing wrong with a little paranoia.
    In other news - I once did an all-night art class in the Israel Museum. There is nothing more awesome than hanging out there after everyone is gone. I know you'll have an awesome time!

  3. Love the accusations from the nurses. Interesting about the bleeding after running, do you have any other endo symtoms? I also went back to doing pilates twice a week, I stopped during the stims of my fresh IVF due to discomfort but was having a hard time giving myself permission to start again during the tww's. I try to be of the mind that if something is going to stick it's going to stick, but it's hard. I can't put my whole life on hold though. Shabbat Shalom.

  4. I second the above commenters...see if you can get checked for endo. They didn't find it in me until I went for surgery to remove a 5.5cm cyst from my left ovary...and now it doesn't work as good as it could! apparently I had all the classic symptoms of endo but hadn't really heard of it before. weird also as i'd been to my family doctor so many times for painful periods and was prescribed prescription pain killers in my teen years. hope all goes well.

  5. I think it's great that you run but I hope that you take it easy too! I love that you are doing acupuncture and a painting class! That's awesome! Good luck with this FET! By the way, I noticed I'm not on your blogroll and I would love it if you added me on! Thanks! Stopping by from ICLW! (#52)

  6. Enjoy your trip to Israel and good luck on your race.


  7. I love how nurses accuse patients of things: BAH! Good luck with your FET! Hopefully you won't be running in that race in November ;-)

    Life in the White House

  8. Either the nurses are heaven sent or are just plain miserable. I'm sorry for what you're dealing with but it seems you've got great advice from fellow commenters. Best of luck to you :-) ICLW dropping by!

  9. Hoping that you get the answers that you seek... and that your FET is successful!


  10. Here's hoping your appointments bring you some answers. It is so hard not knowing. I wold ask all the questions you have and get all the tests you feel you need. Sometimes, I've recently learned, you have to be your own healthcare advocate even while looking to the healthcare professionals for the answers and guidance.

    I know how frustrating the exercise problem and TTC can be. Do I do it and be more stress free and happy or do I refrain so I don't workout too hard and compromise a possible pregnancy. Still confused about this. Unfortunately, I have now received strict orders for no exercise for a month! Ahhh! Hope I make it!

    Best of luck with your FET!

  11. Beth - I very much hope your upcoming FET is successful so the half-marathon becomes irrelevant :)

    Mo - Haven't been checked for end but I am not too adverse to the idea of doing a lap at this point in the absence of any better ideas about what's going on.

    T - yeah, I do have some other endo symptoms but whenever I've brought it up the RE has been very dismissive, which I think is a little odd in the absence of a better reason for why I can't conceive, but whatever.

    endoandbeyond - when I visit the new RE, I plan to ask about it…I do know many women take years to get diagnosed.

    Krissi - Thanks! I know I need to update my blogroll and when I go to edit it, I will add you, no problem.

    April - Thanks! My trip is actually in the other direction - leaving Israel to visit North America.

    Jess - Yeah, it would be pretty sweet if the November race ends up being irrelevant!

    Gigi - Most of my nurses have been great, but they all seem to have their interesting moments :-/

    Mrs. Gamgee - thanks!

    bean dreams - thanks for the good wishes! Yep, the exercise do I/don't I sucks!