Dec 18, 2010

I kidnap babies in my dreams

A few nights ago I was having a particularly fitful night of sleep. I woke up tired and with a slight recollection of having dreamt a lot. I didn't really think anything of it or waste any mental energy to figure out what I had been dreaming out. Not until I was on my way to work and a mother with the most beautiful baby sat next to me.

I know I stared for too long...inappropriately long. I've started staring at babies for longer than I think is really socially acceptable. At first I didn't notice that I had been doing it, but I am pretty sure you're not supposed to stare longingly like that. Anyway, then I suddenly remembered what I had been dreaming about. The fact that seeing this baby jogged my memory sort of creeped me out.

In my dream, I was with Y and for some reason we just happened to be at the hospital together waiting for something. We saw this baby boy, not an infant, maybe about a year old. Someone then explained to us that he had some terrible medical condition (maybe a social worker maybe a nurse...unclear). They told us that he was abandoned and that his parents didn't want him. The weird thing is, as far as I can remember in the dream, there was no formal adoption process. I just told Y that I wanted him so we took him home and he was ours. We became parents as simple as that - just a morning outing spent in a hospital waiting room:-/

The only conclusion I can come to is that I have some latent subconscious urge to take off with an unwanted child. I think it takes a special kind of crazy to have those kind of dreams (not the kind of happy-go-lucky, frilly pink dreams where you're pushing a healthy, beautiful baby in a stroller who got there by virtue of your uterus).

The only other baby-related dream I've had that competes in craziness is the one I had the night after we found out we were pregnant in October. In our dream, we were having our first ultrasound and the RE said quite matter-of-factly "The good news is that you have eight embryos implanted. The bad news is that none of them are viable as far as I can tell." Only my dreams reveal how truly crazy I am. In other news, CD1 surprised me out of nowhere on Thursday (I hadn't ovulated and was on CD32), so looks like we're back in the game. If all goes to plan, this cycle will be IUI #3. Tomorrow I go in for my CD3 (really CD4) bloodwork.


  1. I constantly dream that I am breastfeeding. It is nice, but a bit unrewarding when I wake up, only to remember that I am in fact crazy...

  2. Ahhh the abductions dreams... I've had several of those, and counted myself in that 'special kind of crazy' category, as well. But how could we NOT be at this point???

    I really like your writing, that second to last paragraph totally cracked me up.

    Best wishes with your next IUI. Hope it's the last one you need for a very long time.

  3. LOL, I have crazy baby dreams as well. In one, I birthed a baby who was then able to talk to me immediately. And before I was TTC, I had more than one dream that I was a pregnant virgin!

  4. Ahh the fantasies. I dreamt that I gave an especially generous donation to one of those gypsies who beg using their babies as props for sympathy, and she gave me her baby. Yeah.