Dec 2, 2010

Post-Miscarriage Follow-up

Today I had my miscarriage follow-up appointment with Prof. L. It was my first time back to the fertility clinic since the miscarriage, and let me tell you, I don't miss that place at all. First, the receptionists gave me a really hard time for being there at all, since appointments during the morning clinic hours are generally reserved for women who are actively cycling. Interestingly, the receptionist giving me the hardest time was the one who scheduled the freaking appointment with Prof. L. right there, who told her to schedule the appointment for that time. Of course I wanted to pull my hair out and I was feeling extra sensitive in general since it was my first time back after the miscarriage.

The good news is that the miscarriage is complete - both the ultrasound and exam confirmed this. I never thought I would be so relieved by the sight of an empty uterus. I just stopped spotting 2 days ago, so now we wait patiently until AF arrives. The plan is then to do another Clomid/IUI cycle, since that's what worked last time. We'll also repeat CD3 b/w, as well as testosterone and DHEAS. Also, I was clearly a little upset, both by discussing the miscarriage and by the hard time the receptionists gave me, but Prof. L. was super reassuring as usual, and encouraged me to call him directly on his cell phone to keep him posted or with any problems.

Crazy IF thought of the day while observing the throngs of new moms with over-priced strollers bedecked with over-priced accessories during my visit to the Mother & Child Center for my ultrasound: If I'm not pregnant by this time next year, I'm buying Harriet [the cat] a Bugaboo frog for Chanukah...with a little parasol.

In other news, I have a nasty cold with fever and left work early. Really, it's just an annoyance, but I still feel like crap.


  1. Thanks for finding me and for your supportive comment. I am going to follow you and hope we both continue on to success. I am so sorry that you experienced an early loss too, it is so hard. I wanted to go into the hospital to miscarry but they don't have the bed space for that here :( Glad you are doing better one week out and that your uterus was clear.

  2. Just caught up on your blog. I am thinking of you and hoping that the worst will be over very soon.

  3. I'm sorry/happy to hear you've got an empty uterus, and love the thought of your cat in a bugaboo. :-) I may do that with my wiener dogs in a year too. Deal? :-)

  4. Just found your blog from the blogroll...sorry about everything that's happened in the last few days. I'm glad the cytotec worked though!

  5. Jennifer - I love wiener dogs - they're so cute:)
    Marianne - thanks for the well wishes!

  6. You should see the fancy schmancy cage and toys that my parrots have! or the multiple la mer face creams that adorne my bathroom! Yes, not having children does mean you can spend money on other things, and it's not like we want it that way, 'cause we don't, but might as well make the most of it.