May 24, 2011


Since I am in a natural cycle right now, I can't start Lupron until after I ovulate. The plan was for me to start Lupron around one week after ovulation, meaning approximately one week before my period is due. However, here I am on CD 20 and still nothing - no positive OPK or fertile CM...I am not even close to ovulating. Who knows if I will actually ovulate at all. We are supposed to meet with the nurses tomorrow morning to receive detailed instructions and get started with Lupron.

Needless to say, it is becoming quite obvious that our IVF start date is going to get pushed off, at least until I ovulate and it is safe for me to start Lupron. Has anyone had a similar situation with starting Lupron during a natural cycle and waiting to O or better yet, not Oing at all? You know what would make all of the frustration waiting to start this cycle worth it? If it results in a viable pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child. Then I will be able to let go of all of my frustration, agitation, and angst for this bloody cycle that I have been waiting to start since the end of March.


  1. I never ovulated during my un-medicated cycle and they went ahead and had me start BCP and then Lupron. I started the pills on April 10 and had my retrieval yesterday, so it's been roughly six weeks. I can't speak to if this is "normal" or not. It's my first IVF and I've just been taking things as they come. No expectations and I think that's helped me stay sane. Good luck!

  2. Thanks for the info, SJ! Best of luck to you this cycle - I hope it has a happy ending for you! What cycle day were you by the time they decided to start you on bcp and how long were you on the bcp before the lupron? Thanks!

  3. I want to say it was about CD30ish -- they did the blood work showing I hadn't ovulated and just went ahead. I was kind of surprised, I expected to wait it out or at least take provera which I've taken in the past. 10 days of just the pill, then 5 days of the pill + lupron. Lupron alone for two weeks, and then stims (gonal-f) for nine days.