May 9, 2011

the unabridged version

For a while now, I have wanted to write out a more complete narrative of our experiences than the timeline posted on my sidebar, especially since we began fertility treatment before I began writing this blog. Finally, today I had some time and also the motivation to write everything out. It can be found under the tab "Our Journey...So Far". It was actually quite therapeutic to write and I hope that at some point it will be helpful to someone else. I would say "enjoy!", but it's not such a happy story so far - I just pray that some day it will have a sweet ending!


  1. Hoping this will turn into the happily ever after story we all dream about, and that someday (soon) you will be able to look at this as a wonderful journey to your little one.

  2. We all have to start somewhere - hopefully it will all be worth it someday.

  3. Just wanted to give you an e-hug. ((hugs))

  4. You are, sadly, unfortunately, an infertility warrior. You are brave, wiser and more evolved because of it, and you don't want to be any of those stupid things :(

    You have lean PCOS, but it does not sound like you are on metformin. If you are, disregard the following...

    After all the reading I have done,getting on metformin, especially for those women with lean PCOS where it seems to impact fertility, is a box that *should* be checked off. In some really bizarre way, it is problems with glucose metabolism that is messing you up- this drug is the best bet you have of fixing it.

    I have lean PCOS which apparently has very little effect on my fertility- no issues ovulating, probably good egg quality, given that the first part of my pregnancies looks picture perfect. But I'm still going to take metformin, though in my case, one would really be on the fence. For somebody like you,where the PCOS is clearly effecting fertility, I think its a no brainer.

    Pulling for you (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))

  5. ((BIG HUGS)) I hope IVF #1 goes smoothly, I'll be cheering you on along the way.

  6. Thanks for the good thoughts, ladies! Jay- your comment got erased with the blogger screw-up last week, but you are right that I should ask about met. I had thought about it previously but had heard so much about the icky side effects, I put the issue this point it's probably worth revisiting and asking my RE what he thinks.