Nov 7, 2011

embryo update :(

I just got a call from Dr. T. He said that this morning (day 3) two of our embryos were looking good at 8 cells, 5 were 'okay' or fair at 6 cells with some fragmentation, and 1 had arrested. He wanted to update me in case I wanted to see whether they could squeeze me in for a day 3 transfer today, especially since 2 embryos are clearly looking better than the rest right now. He did say that he felt the outcome of the cycle would be the same regardless of when we transfer (or if we transfer - meaning that if there is nothing on day 5, it probably wouldn't have resulted in a positive cycle anyway had it been transferred on day 3), but he wanted me to be prepared for the possibility of having nothing to transfer if we press on to blastocyst and he knew that would be very disappointing.

I thought about it, and I guess I feel that if we truly trust in the assumption that what doesn't survive in the lab won't survive in my uterus, it makes sense in my mind to still press on to day 5. The reason being that if the outcome of this cycle will be the same no matter what, I think I would rather start another fresh cycle in a few weeks and have the opportunity to create new embryos than transfer frozen embryos that wouldn't have made it to blastocyst anyway.

I also feel like the disappointment of having nothing to transfer would not be greater than the disappointment of a failed cycle, though I am sure if this happens I will feel regret for not having transferred the 2 higher quality embryos and given them a chance when there was the option…tough choices. Y said he will go along with whatever I decide, so we are pressing on to day 5 for better or worse. I am starting to get the sinking feeling that there is more IVF in our very near future.


  1. That is a very tough choice... but your logic is clear and I am on the same wavelength with our cycle. I'd prefer to know if advance then get off to a fresh start, than to hope for over 10 days while being PUPO then having a failed cycle. Sending lots of growing vibes from Australia for your little embies xoxo

  2. Hang in there. There are no easy choices on this road, it seems. I'll be praying that your embryos hang in there through day five and well beyond. Sending hugs...

  3. Hang in there. It's not over yet. You have some that are definitely looking good and hopefully they will keep growing. This part is always hard.

  4. I can't tell you how much I understand what you are experiencing right now. I had my ER last month and my clinic allows them to grow for 7 days. They freeze all that make it to blast.

    Here is my recap, as I think it will give you a bit of relief:

    On Day 3, I had 2 8-cell, 1 6-cell and 4 at 4-cell.

    At the end of the culture, we had 4 frozen blastocysts, three of which were expanding blastocysts.

    I would never have guessed that outcome based on my Day 3 report. The embryologist told me that sometimes embryos will lay dormant for a day, and then kick it into gear. I have to believe that's what happened with mine.

    I will be stalking and keeping my fingers crossed that you have a handful of embies that make it to Day 5 and beyond!

  5. Trust yourself. It may be a hard choice, but it sounds like you know what is right for you. Good luck. Lots of T&Ps for a wonderful outcome.

  6. I'm so sorry :-(
    But it's wonderful that this clinic leaves the choice in your hand. Crossing my fingers for a good outcome for you - whatever happens.