May 1, 2012

our trip

The world is so beautiful, but it is also an empty place. Everywhere I go, I wonder what it would be like if Aminadav and Naava were there with us. Being outside, the midday sun blinding my eyes- it is all really nice, but of course mostly I wish that I was still on bed rest, watching the days lengthen and the seasons change from a hospital bed.


  1. I love the quote from Anne Frank. I'm glad you got out, but I'm sure it was so jarring seeing the world continue on, when all you want to do is go back to bed. Sending you love...

  2. I wish you were too. That you weren't living with this loss.

    I hope the time outside brought a sense of peace. Thank you for the reminder for how healing it can be to be alone with nature.

  3. I know.
    That's all I can really say.
    I know.
    Sending much love your way.

  4. What are those animals? sea lions? beautiful nature you have there... even when feeling empty it still helps...