Jun 4, 2011


...is here. Well, that's pretty cool. Aboutfreakingtime to get started with this cycle! I will go in tomorrow morning to get bloodwork and ultrasound. Hopefully all will come back clear and I can start stims come Monday. Y woke up really sick this morning, which is disquieting since he rarely gets sick and even more rarely becomes incapacitated by illness. He says the last time he felt this bad was when he had Hep A. Not good. I really hope he is on the mend come morning and also that I do not catch the death plague he is incubating. After treading for so long it's time get my sh!t together and get back in the game. I'm ready.


  1. Great that your cycle has started... sharing it with you. Thinking of you always xoxo


  2. best of luck on your new cycle! hoping you don't get sick!

  3. Yay! So excited for you! Yay for short protocols! You'll be in retrieval before you know it.

  4. Thanks ladies! New Year Mum - so nice that we're cycling at the same time:)