Jun 21, 2011

post-retrieval blahs

A few things - first, I am sorry the quality of my writing seems to have taken a nosedive lately (not that my quality of writing was ever anything more than slightly below mediocre, but I am afraid that my writing has become even less interesting than usual as of late). Second, I am sorry I had the compulsion to change my blog background for the nine zillionth time. Anyone who has been reading my blog for any length of time knows I have a tendency to change my background approximately every 5 minutes. Thirdly, happy ICLW! I cannot believe it is that time of the month again!

After my retrieval I was feeling pretty good - crampy, sore, and dazed for sure, but I could still walk around okay and I was definitely managing. Yesterday morning when I got up I felt worse than I had the evening before, so I decided I would allow myself an hour or so to get my act together before going to work. Instead, I started feeling progressively worse - really bad cramps and soreness and trying to walk or move in general was pretty painful. I also had the runs (lovely) and was feeling overall really crappy.

Needless to say, I never made it in to work yesterday. Y suggested that maybe I have mild OHSS, which just boggles my mind, since my E2 never got that high. Sure enough, I gained 2.5 kilos (5.5 pounds) in the past 24 hours. Y got me some insanely overpriced Gatorade (which is available at very few places in Israel at high mark-up) and downing large quantities of that has seemed to help.

The good news is I do feel slightly better today (much less nauseous!) and I even went in to lab for a few hours (turned out to be not such a good idea since I still can't walk like a normal person so I look really funny and moving is very painful). I am sure if I do have a little OHSS it is very mild and will be self-limiting. I thought about calling the nurses today but I am pretty sure when I go in tomorrow for the transfer they will be able to tell if there is mild OHSS anyway. Usually I am pretty energetic so having to slow down and take it easy is psychologically difficult for me. I am just trying to think positive thoughts about our transfer tomorrow and hoping that our embryos are going strong and that all will go according to plan tomorrow!


  1. Oh, my good wishes are with you. I wish the ET will go smoothly, and there will be nothing but positive milestones ahead. You take care!

    iclw #36

  2. Sending you best wishes!!! I'm so sorry you're experiencing the side effects of such an invasive procedure. Hope you feel better soon and that this is all worth it in the end!

    ICLW #112

  3. Hi from ICLW! Hope you feel better soon! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well for your transfer!

  4. Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer tomorrow! Sorry you are feeling so sore after the retrieval. Best of luck.

    P.S I'm also in the 2ww after IVF/ICSI - ICLW #84

  5. Sorry you're feeling so crappy after the retrieval! But I have many good thoughts that I'm sending you for your transfer tomorrow!!!

  6. Hoping that you're feeling better soon and that the retrieval goes well.

    FX for a great BFP!

    visiting from ICLW

  7. Why are you apologizing for being "not interesting"? You're kind of going through a lot here, hon - no one is expecting hemingway.
    I hope you feel better soon!

  8. I like the purple background. It's soothing. I really should do some blog decorating, but I'm too lazy ;)

    You have all of my thoughts and prayers for tomorrow. Sorry that you aren't feeling well. Take care of yourself!!

  9. I remember only too well the 'old woman' walk after retrieval! Leaning over and holding your back and/or belly?! It shouldn't last too much longer :)

    Good luck with your transfer tomorrow!

    ICLW #103

  10. Hi!! Visiting from ICLW~ wanted to wish you all the best with this cycle!!! I've enjoyed reading your posts :)